Getting a Quality Blog for your Internet Business: Blog Package 3 - Order Form

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Blog Package 3 - Order Form

Package # 3: Advanced Blog

This is the way to get a great blog for your business or individual needs.
We'll create a blog to your requirements and then we'll help you to get it up and running. In just a few days you can be enjoying your new blog.
Getting a blog through this package will include blog promotions that can help to jumpstart your blogging on the internet.
Once your blog is completed to your satisfaction then we'll get it all submitted professionally to the blog networks.
This is a premium blog package which gives some continued blog promoting. It's a popular option for those wanting some ongoing attention to their new blog.
Everything is package priced to save you the most money and give you the best possible blog for your business or individual needs.

Kindly note that to order any blog you must make payment through paypal or google check out and then submit the information order form for the blog to be processed.
Just a quick 2 step process and you can be 1 step away from having a brand new blog.
We're here to help and sure you're going to be 100% satisfied with our work.

Sign up here to order your blog.

* A unique Blog custom designed to your specs = $995.00
* Blog Hosting @ $19.95/mo = $239.40/yr
* Blog Marketing (Get Listed in Over 150 Blog & RSS Search Engines) = $197.00
(includes 3 months consecutive submitting services, Initial submitting + 2 more)
* 1 yr FREE Domain name registration ( a $19.95 value FREE)
(renewable thereafter or you can move it to any other blogging host of your choice)
Includes basic blog with 7 articles related to your blog subject

Total Cost: $1431.40

Once you've completed the payment for your new blog you'll be taken to the order form page where you'll need to submit your details so we can get started on making your new blog.
You'll be happy with your new blog.
We guarantee it!