Getting a Quality Blog for your Internet Business: Social Bookmarking Service

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Social Bookmarking Service

Social bookmarking is an effective and unique service we offer for use to promote blogs and internet web sites.

Social bookmarking is a proven marketing technique which attracts thousands of potential customers to your company's website on a daily basis. Our professional writers understand how to choose the best social bookmarking sites for your business, to ensure that you stay one step ahead of the competition.

Get your site bookmarked to a list of the top social bookmarking sites. After all, there is absolutely no point in adding your company to websites no one ever visits! Our experts seek out the most prestigious and best utilized sites to allow your company and your sales to grow exponentially. Social bookmarking service done in this way can bring good results.

The second we begin adding your company to high-interest pages; you will begin seeing an increase in traffic to your blog or web site. We also offer a wide range of other services to help you convert this organic traffic into paying clientele and multiple recurring revenue streams.

We understand that your company is unique.
Every company differs in its requirements and budget, which is why we have designed two different social bookmarking packages for your consideration.

Option 1. Submit to 100 Top Social Bookmarking Pages ($55)
Our professional web analysts will post your blog or website to 100 top social bookmarking pages. Every visitor to one of these social bookmarking sites will see your company link, and have the opportunity to either use it immediately, or bookmark it for later use. We take the hassle away from social bookmarking, you don't need to do anything but place the order and we'll get your bookmarking service started.
We understand that this service is an investment and that you need to see a great return. Our customers see this return almost immediately, and are always well-satisfied with our expertise and work ethic.

Order Option 1 Social Bookmarking Service Today ($55)
Package includes submitting 3 pages of your blog or site to the social bookmarking sites.

Option 2. Submit to 100 Top Social Bookmarking Pages ($100)

This option incorporates all of the fantastic features of Option 1, but also adds a more personalized element for increased brand recognition and website traffic.
We'll design and personalize an account for your company, then submit your blog articles or site on 2 separate occasions.
First submission includes up to 3 pages as in Option 1
Second submission provides an additional 3 pages to be submitted for bookmarking, a total of 6 pages bookmarked with this service in a two step process.
First 3 pages submit and one week later the other 3 pages will be submitted.
Submitting more pages will help with the reach you want to achieve. Submitting them a week apart will help so your information gets another chance to be picked up and to be seen.

Order Option 2 Social Bookmarking Service Today($100)
Package includes submitting 6 pages of your blog or site to the social bookmarking sites.

It can take an incredible amount of time and expertise to seek out, evaluate, and add new material to social bookmarking sites. We can provide of these services for your company quickly, effectively, and at one low price. We're dedicated to your success and your satisfaction.

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