Getting a Quality Blog for your Internet Business: Professional Blogs for Businesses or Individuals

Monday, July 20, 2009

Professional Blogs for Businesses or Individuals

Getting a blog doesn't have to be complicated.
These days, getting a blog is the hot topic of internet advertisers and small business owners are finding that having a blog for business can bring very quick results.
Blogs are different than web sites and can show up in search engine results sometimes in just a matter of a few minutes. Gone are the days when it was impossible to have results for weeks and months.......if ever for that matter.
To get a blog ranked in the search engines doesn't take long at all because the search engines know and rely on the fresh content of the articles and information appearing on the blog. Search engine results are faster with blogs due to expectations that the content on the blog will continue to be refreshed on a regular basis. Search engine spiders are always looking for the newest information to publish. This is why many people are getting a blog for the business, it's a great way to get good internet exposure for small businesses or topics of interest in the case of personal blogs.
Whether you're looking to have a blog made for business or have a blog made for individual purposes, we can help with getting it designed and published. Thereafter, ongoing assistance is available if needed. At ordering, you'll choose the options which you will like to have included on your new blog and we'll design and built according to your detailed specifications. Take proper care to give us correct information from the start so we don't have to go back and make changes because of inaccurate details. We hate it when that happens and you will too because it will cause for additional time required for us to get a blog done for YOU!
The best blog for your business should have articles about things relating to your business. If it's not a business and it's a personal interest or topic, then articles will still help to be included on the blog. The articles will help to get better search engine rankings as they will discuss in detail certain things about your business or topic of interest. Proper articles for a blog will help to get you the best results for your new blog. It's rather easy to continue articles once you have a blog set up. Once you have a blog set up then you can choose how to proceed from there.
Many businesses are having success with blogs. Order Yours Now.

If you want to get a blog set up then one of these packages is sure to be right for you.
Get a blog just like this one.
Other styles available and colors which can be determined and selected to be appropriate for your business type and services provided. We can create a great look for a new business blog for your company or individual use. You'll let us know your preferences on the ordering information form. Complete business or blog topic will need to be submitted when you place the order. Please be sure to supply all the required information so we can best assist you and to give you the best blog possible.

All the Important Things You'll Need to Be Successful Built IN!
We don't want you to have a headache managing your new blog so we include these features at no additional charge. You can have complete control of your blog, you OWN it and we make it easy for you to see exactly how many people are viewing your site, where they're coming from, where they go when they leave your blog and so much more. If you owned or own a web site , you might be in the dark on things like site statistics. We make it easy for you to see how the blog performs and the activity of blog readers and search engine results from keywords with just a few clicks.

new blog features:
* Built on the #1 Blog publishing platform
* Hosted under any domain name (i.e.)
* Choice of several design layouts
* Add unlimited Blog topics & categories
* Spell-check, preview and autosave options
* Upload text, photos & videos instantly
* Social media tools
* Google Analytics Integrated
* Categorize and tag your entry posts
* Integrated stats system to gauge your Blog’s traffic
* Automatic spam protection
* Connect with other blog services like Wordpress, etc.
* Easily track follow-ups to your comments
* Automatic access to the Blogging community
* Sidebar widgets for Flickr,, Meebo & more
* Update your blog posts on-demand
* Easily export & import any type of info
* Set your Blog as public or private
* 100% secure access for you and readers.
* RSS & social bookmark technology added
* And dozens of other features that can be added!

Why Choose Us For Your Blog ?

Easy to Use to Blogger Software
This means it will be easy for you to take care of whatever might need to be done

Just Provide Your Information and Ideas- We Do the Rest!
After sign up for ordering your blog you will be taken to an information page. Please complete all the information requested so we can get ready to start your new blog as quickly as possible.

Work With Your Own Blog Designer
After your payment processes, you'll need to give us your business information and other details which will be needed for us to create a blog for your business. If you need phone consultation then just let us know on the form and a blog designer will contact you to discuss the particulars. For most customers the online ordering form has everything needed to get your blog published in just a few days. We'll create a blog appropriate for your business and we're sure you'll be pleased.

Our Blogs Increase Search Engine Rankings
We include built in requests for notifying the search engines whenever your blog content changes. Publish an article and the search engines will know about it.

You 100% Own Your Blog
Many times this isn't the case because of the way the blog gets established. When you order the blog services here, the blog will be 100% yours, for life, without additional charges except for whatever you might choose from time to time, if any.

Try Our Blog Designers Risk Free

You'll Get Our 100% Satisfation Guarantee
We Guarantee Our Work!
If you're not 100% satisfied with your Blog, our designers will work with you until you ARE satisfied- NO QUESTIONS ASKED! Look around and you'll quickly see we are one of the very few Blog design companies that guarantee their work.

Order Your Custom Blog Now

Have it Done in 3 Days!

How to Order:

1. Select your blog package below and place your order securely via google checkout or paypal.

2. Our experts get your order and if you've requested, they will contact you by phone to discuss your ideas and exact needs. If we have enough information to get started then that's what we'll do.

3. Our designers go to work designing your Blog to your exact specs.

4. 3 days later your Blog is completed and ready for you to use!

Reasonable Blog Design Pricing!

We Offer Some of The Most Reasonable Blog Design Prices Anywhere! - Look Around!


Pick your Blog package below & let’s get started!

Package # 1: Basic Blog

* A unique Blog custom designed to your specs
* You install it & host It under your domain
(You must have a domain name already, otherwise select another option)
* Satisfaction guaranteed!

Total Cost: $995.00

All the basic functionality required for blogging success
Includes basic blog with 7 articles related to your blog subject

Package # 2: Starter Blog (Most Popular!)

* A unique Blog custom designed to your specs = $995.00
* Blog hosting @ $19.95/mo = $239.40/yr
* 1 yr FREE domain name registration ( a $19.95 value FREE)
* Satisfaction guaranteed!
Includes basic blog with 7 articles related to your blog subject

Total Cost: $1234.40


Package # 3: Advanced Blog

* A unique Blog custom designed to your specs = $995.00
* Blog Hosting @ $19.95/mo = $239.40/yr
* Blog Marketing (Get Listed in Over 150 Blog & RSS Search Engines) = $197.00
(includes 3 months consecutive submitting services, Initial submitting + 2 more)
* 1 yr FREE Domain name registration ( a $19.95 value FREE)
(renewable thereafter or you can move it to any other blogging host of your choice)
Includes basic blog with 7 articles related to your blog subject

Total Cost: $1431.40


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